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A Review of the UN General Assembly's Declaration on Antimicrobial Resistance
Meghan's crib sheets on the historically rare act that the UN GA took by issuing a stance on the global health crisis caused by antimicrobial resistant "superbugs".  The policy outlines both how the problem came to be and more importantly what actions we have to take to solve the problem.
Commentary on the New Polio-Like Illness in the U.S.
Have you heard that there has been a spike in cases of a polio-like viral illness in the United States?  Scary stuff, broken down by Meghan.
Eastern Aleppo: Time is Running Out
This interview with Dr. Abu Huthaifa (MSF) describes some of the stark realities of practicing surgery in Aleppo (Syria).  It is a stark awakening, and the situation has rapidly deteriorated as the hospital has been shelled repeatedly since the video was released.  This video was published via YouTube by Doctors Without Borders.
Commentary on the Polio-Like Illness in the U.S.
A Commentary on H5N8 Bird Flu in India
An outbreak of avian influenza ("bird flu") strain H5N8 is expanding in Delhi.  Is this something to panic over?  No.  Is it something to keep a very close eye on?  Definitely.  The reasons are a little wonky, but here is Meghan's shot at boiling it down!
Have you heard that there is MERCURY in vaccines? What about FETAL TISSUE?? Can that possibly be true? If it's a lie, where did it come from? As it turns out, these and other common (mis?)conceptions about childhood vaccines do have a grain of truth in them, and when we as scientists deny that we risk appearing insincere. I discussed several of these grains of truth, the rumors they have spawned, the studies that have addressed them, and the impact they can have on public health.
Grains of Truth: Vaccine Controversies at BUGSS in Baltimore
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